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2016 - 08 - 17
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Extracted from WeChat account of Zhejiang Quality SupervisionAs the leading enterprise insoft magnetic material industry of China, TDG Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TDG) upholds the ro...

Famous Supporting Role Bears the Flag of High-end Manufacture

Release date: 2016-08-16


In recent years, many enterprises encounter operating difficulties and pressure due to the complex and changeable global economic situation. However, TDG Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TDG-tech) has developed in an extraordinarily steady way, which should greatly owe to the strategy and management ideas pursuing new and change of the company over the years.

Famous Supporting Role Positioning, Aiming at High-end Manufacturing

The red banner of Tianhe Supercomputer Production Base hangs on the gate of TDG-tech conspicuously. It is in this plant that key components of Tianhe-2 supercomputer were manufactured and processed.

Tianhe-2 is the supercomputer with the highest computing speed in the world. So it can be imagined how difficultly Tianhe-2 was researched and produced. "Multiple fields were involved including computer, software, microelectronics, assembly welding, cooling, and power supply. Besides, a large number of components were required and time was urgent. So it is a huge challenge for any enterprise ", said Li Mingsuo, Chairman of the Board of TDG-tech.

Manufacturing Tianhe series of supercomputers, not only brought TDG-tech fame and popularity, but also highlighted the strength and the capacity in high-level manufacture.

Li Mingsuo expressed that, the company puts massive funds into manufacture research every year, and obtains thirties or forties of patents annually.

That TDG-tech aims at high-end manufacture could be achieved impossibly without the "famous supporting role" strategy. Li Mingsuo thinks that TDG-tech is intended to be the "famous supporting role" to provide the most comprehensive and professional services to the customers with the most famous bands in electronic industry all over the word, so as to expand global market jointly with the customers by relaying on high-quality and competitive products and obtain win-win cooperation in the end.





Picking Customers, Seeking for Change in Internal Management

TDG-tech, relaying on high-quality products and considerate services, has already become the leading one in the same industry in China.

Li Mingsuo has his own thoughts on how to expand international influence, "personalized and low-cost agile manufacturing is known in the company. Now, many orders of TDG-tech are personalized with small batch or even one product. These orders have higher profit, but bring more challenges to the technologies and production management."

TDG-tech conducts innovation in management pattern. By management based on projects, project departments face customers directly, while the original departments are transformed to be service departments. By this way, the production efficiency of the company is promoted.

TDG-tech seeks for change in organization frame. It has set up the intelligent manufacturing promotion departments to specially research key equipment and improve processing to promote company’s informationization capacity.

With the promotion of its own strength, TDG-tech dares to pick suitable customers all over the world. And now, the customers of TDG-tech involve many fields including communication system, industrial control, supercomputer, server, urban security, etc. These fields are less relevant with each other, guaranteeing that TDG-tech has obtained steady growth in a complementary way.