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2016 - 08 - 17
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CNC Powder Compacting Press with High Tonnage, Developed by TDG-MT Had a Successful Test Run

Release date: 2015-07-02

CNC Powder Compacting Press with High Tonnage, High Precision and High Efficiency Developed byTDG-MT Had a Successful Test Run.

Recently, the first S-850EXCNC Powder Compacting Press with high tonnage, high precision and high efficiency custom-made by TDG-MT for a domestic company had a successful test run, with key performance indicators reaching the levels of similar advanced products in the world, and will soon be delivered tothe customer.

It is understood that the S-850EXPowder Compacting Press is mainly usedfor the compacting and molding of largepowder metallurgy parts used inthe auto industry, with a maximum compacting force of 8500KN. The machine uses a three-level structure, equipped with a high-performance servo feed system, and each of the main adjustment axles is equipped with a motor and position feedback device. It can handle a variety of molding methods through floating die, non-simultaneous three-stage pressing, stepped die, stepped core molding and other means, and is capable of compacting precision products with high density and complex shapes.The mold uses the CNC servohydraulic die to effectively improve thecompaction performance ofthe machine, and the mold can also handle products with three upper sections, threelower sections and stepped cores.

The design and making of the S-850EX Powder Compacting Press is asuccessful application of new structure and new technology. It meets users’ current needsfor large powder metallurgy parts molding equipment and provides TDG-MT with strong support for expanding the market oflarge powder metallurgy parts molding equipment.